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Surviving the Crash

Posted: 14th August 2011 by Barb Kampbell in Uncategorized

The best thing that happened in the past year was getting this little rescue dog we named Rosy. Two years ago last week I had my first, and so far only back surgery. The surgery fixed the problem and within two months I had sciatica even worse in my other leg. If you read my […]

Lesson From a Dog

Posted: 11th July 2011 by Barb Kampbell in Uncategorized

One day while at the dog park I observed the cutest little dog named Rusty. When Rusty gets to the dog park it appears to be his mission to go to every person there and give them love. I mean, crawling-up-in-your-lap-giving-you-kisses love. I have seen many dogs who seem more interested in people than other […]

Thank You

Posted: 27th November 2009 by Barb in Uncategorized

I’m thankful — as silly as it may sound — that I did what I did in the early 90s because it helped make me who I am today, even though I’d do anything to not relive it. I’m grateful for all of the “stuff” I have even when it’s not as nice as the […]

One day at my place of employment we had an office manager and the next day we didn’t. It seems she was sentenced to prison for forgery and theft from an employer she had before coming on board with us. She had kept everything a secret, even from her family, only telling her husband that […]

Marketing Request

Posted: 13th June 2009 by Barb in Uncategorized

On the dedication page of my book I thanked those of you who have been my loyal readers, who have offered feedback and kudos to help me continue to write even when the well seemed dry. I have started a page to sell my book once it’s received. If you go to you will […]

What is the Lesson?

Posted: 11th June 2009 by Barb in Lessons, Serenity, Uncategorized

Sometimes, often actually, I wonder what the lesson is when I’m going through a difficult time. Currently, as I’ve written about before, I’m on a partial layoff at my job. Because of that I probably got my book ready for press sooner than I would have. But I’ve had to endure some things I would […]

  It is often said that God never gives you more than you can handle. To that I say, okay God, enough already! I’m not here to whine, but things haven’t been too rosy for me in a while. Last year I lost a pet and two friends. So far in 2009 I have had […]


Posted: 10th March 2009 by Barb in Forgiveness, Love, Uncategorized

If you’ve read many of my blog posts you know that I am a proponent of forgiveness. I am also someone who believes in telling people the truth about how I feel if I think they are doing the wrong thing. However, I mess up a lot. I’m not always the best at saying what […]

‘God Things’

Posted: 7th February 2009 by Barb in Uncategorized

The publishing process is moving along nicely. I have found someone to edit my work before working on the page layouts. This in itself is a God thing, if you’re familiar with that terminology you know what I mean, and if you aren’t maybe I can explain it. I had someone who offered to read […]

A New Chapter

Posted: 8th January 2009 by Barb in Uncategorized

To all my loyal readers and those who are new to my blog I will not be posting here for a while. I have completed my book and will be spending all of my free time working on getting it ready for publication. And I have a lot of work to do to complete that. […]