Success and Failure Go Together

Posted: 16th May 2007 by Barb in Goals, Persistence, Uncategorized

“Success isn’t permanent, and failure isn’t fatal.”
—Mike Ditka

It is good to remember that life is not stagnant and no matter where we are today, whether it’s where we want to be or not, most likely that’s not where we’ll be in the future. That’s not a gloom and doom prognostication for those who are right where they want to be now, it’s just that things change, and we always want to remember that when we are in a rough spot of life.

Once we reach a specific goal we can’t give up and say that we’ve made it and never move ahead. We made that goal and we set another one and move forward with it. If we fail, we realize that there are other options and chances in life and we try those. Just because we fail at one thing it doesn’t mean we cannot find success in another.

Both sides of the coin of success and failure are important to our lives. We probably learned a great deal more from our failures than we ever did any successes. However, our successes are most likely what keep us trying even when we find failure at something.

You can bet on one thing, if you don’t try you will never succeed unless your goal is to do nothing.

  1. Mark says:

    Good article. There is no real progress without failure. The shame is that our society does not teach that failure is acceptable.

  2. Aravis says:

    This was well-stated, Barb. It’s important to learn from failures and to keep moving forward. I also like what Mark had to say.

    Thanks, too, for emailing me after my Sam died. It meant a lot and I’m grateful.