“If you had a friend who talked to you like you sometimes talk to yourself, would you continue to hang around with that person?”
—Rob Bremer

Most of us have likely battled with our self-worth over the course of our lives. And we are usually very hard on ourselves when it comes to our past mistakes or current standing in life. Some of us may have things we’ve done that we cannot forgive ourselves for, or maybe we struggled with those things for years before we did let go. We also have daily smaller things that we deal harshly with ourselves over. During times of self-doubt and struggle we usually talk to ourselves unlike we would to any other person and it’s not pretty.

What we believe about ourselves we become. What we believe about who we are guides what we say to ourselves. Finding positive things about who and what we are and praising ourselves can only be a good thing. We don’t do it out of conceit, we do it until we believe it; we do it until we can love ourselves.

Sometimes we have to fake it; we may even have to struggle in the beginning to find something positive to praise ourselves for. At the start of our journey it’s difficult. But it becomes easier as we find one thing then another and another. We build our self-worth brick by brick, thing by thing, especially at those times when we have hit bottom and we are climbing out until one day we discover that we not only dug our way out, we are standing tall and strong. It’s well worth the work once we find enough about ourselves that we are truly able to love who we are.

The gifts that follow our discovery are immeasurable. Because we love ourselves we are able to love others and that love flows back to us. Life becomes a new creature with the peace and joy we have never known. And even when pain and difficulties are upon us, we have wisdom and serenity from our newfound realization. And it started with simply talking ourselves up instead of down.

We become what we think we are.