Taking Off the Blinders

Posted: 18th November 2007 by Barb in Focus, Goals, Uncategorized, Wanting

“Miracles rest not so much upon healing power coming suddenly near us from afar, but upon our perceptions being made finer, so that for the moment our eyes can see and our ears can hear what has been there around us always.”
—Willa Cather

We can get so focused on a thing, a desire, that we lose sight of the big picture and often lose out on other things that come along while we put all of our energy into getting that one thing we want.

Perhaps we focus all of our energy on getting the attention of a particular person, either to be friends, or a romantic relationship. We spin our lives around that person putting lots of energy into finding ways to see them, or gain attention from that person. And once we get it, or maybe when we don’t get it, we realize that there were dozens of other people we completely ignored because we had blinders on seeking to gain the love of one.

And maybe we do this too with our careers or other activities in our lives. We may have our goals set on one particular job and no matter what we do we either can’t get an interview or never get hired when we do. It may be time to set a new goal, find a new place to put our energy.

This isn’t to say we should never have goals or go after what we want. We should set goals and if we want something bad enough we usually get it, but sometimes that is not the case, especially when the outcome of a situation is not in our hands completely. We can’t make another person fall in love with us, and we can’t make someone hire us if they don’t choose to do that.

We focus, we set goals, we strive to be all we can be, but in the meantime we don’t overlook what opportunities are around us. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush as the saying goes. There’s a whole world out there and when we focus too much on a small piece of it we’re bound to miss something. When the signs start telling us to give up on a person, place, or thing, maybe we should do just that and find something else to focus on.

Goals are good, but don’t miss out on living a full life trying to make one happen.