It’s An Inside Issue

Posted: 13th March 2008 by Barb in Action, Attitude, Blame, Relationships

“Wherever you go, there you are.”
—Earnie Larsen

Wouldn’t it be great if we could walk away from our troubles? We could leave a job because we don’t like our boss, but the next one may be worse. We might get a divorce or leave a relationship because “they” don’t do things the way we want. But is our happiness or distress really caused by others or is it something inside of us? Is it our behaviors that get us into the messy relationships and situations?

Most likely it’s a combination of things. And we ought to look at what is the common denominator in our life. It is us. We can’t always fix a problem if the other person won’t do their share, but we can always work on our own issues. Geographical changes rarely fix our problems.

There’s an amazing thing that happens when we pray for others. When in a situation with someone that causes us stress and problems the first thing we should do is pray for the other person. Pray for them to have peace, joy, love, whatever good we can think of. If they get those things, don’t worry, we aren’t going to miss out on the same good stuff.
Next we can pray for ourselves. Prayer can calm many storms, both internal and external, and it can help us keep ourselves out of further arguments and misunderstandings.

Thinking that the world is against us and all of our problems are because of “them” is not a solution. Looking within at the one thing that we are responsible for will help us. Trying to constantly escape our self is not a solution because we are still there.

Look within and solve your own problems because you can’t escape yourself.

  1. Greenwoman says:

    I have always loved your opening quote. Great message in it. Nice post.

  2. Jason says:

    And I always thought Buckaroo Bonzai said that, “Where ever you go, there you are” !!! :)