False Limitations

Posted: 29th March 2008 by Barb in Action, Failure, Limitations, Perspective, Success

“Argue for your limitations and surely they will be yours!”
—Marshal Sylver

Even for those who may have been blessed by parents who provided them with an almost perfect life growing up, there are no perfect families and we all have our limitations. Being raised in a nurturing and loving environment is ideal, but even those who experienced that may have difficulties in life when they are met head on by less than ideal conditions outside their family of origin.

Any one of us, from those raised in abusive homes, to those in near perfect conditions, can argue forever that we can’t do this or that because of something that we see as limiting. We use excuses like: I just don’t have enough talent; I don’t have a degree, or the right education; I’ve never been good at that; I always mess up; last time I tried that I failed; I am no good at relationships; and so on.

When we glorify our limitations we manifest them. What we believe about ourselves will basically be what we do with our lives.

If we can turn around our self-defeating thoughts, we will find ourselves having self-fulfilled prophesies of success, rather than utter failure. “I think I can,” may be our new motto. “I think I can do this, maybe not perfectly, but I’m going to give it a shot.” Maybe it didn’t work last time we tried, or we never tried because we’d already doomed ourselves to failure by saying we could not do it.

We really do not have anything to lose by taking the positive angle on life. We may try and fail, but that’s always better than never trying. Life is meant to be lived, not merely tolerated until we die.

Limitations are just excuses to never give all we have to life.

  1. Aravis says:

    You’re right, of course. To a degree, there are limitations that I must accept. I’m never going to be the next Dorothy Hamill, or solve the problems in the Middle East, no matter how much I want to. What I can do, however, is learn to skate and enjoy it. Or learn more about what’s going on, and share what I learn, to do my part, to vote my conscience, etc.

    I won’t say I can’t do something; I’ll do what I *can* and push the envelope as far as it will go! :0)