My Many Hats

Posted: 23rd July 2009 by Barb in Attitude, Challenges, Change, Goals, Purpose
Sully the Beagle Pup

Sully the Beagle Pup

My life feels much like a whirlwind. But I am not complaining; I’m just regrouping.

It seems I wear many hats now. I have my “mom of a wild and crazy puppy hat,” which cleans up a lot of poop and pee and doesn’t get much sleep. But I am adored and the feeling is mutual … while eagerly awaiting puppy teeth to go away.

Then there’s the writer/reporter hat that I’ve worn for about 10 years, only now I’m supposed to do what I did in 40 hours in just 32.

I’ve got my Game and Fish Commission hat that I wear mostly on Saturdays and also on days off from when I wear the writer/reporter hat.

And then there’s the hat of many colors: the author, publisher, marketer hat. Yes, I’ve been peddling “Living Life Inside Out,” for a couple of weeks now. Sales have been good so far, but stretching outside of my circle of friends is going to take a lot of work, not to mention stepping way outside of my comfort zone.

I’m not a salesman. I never have been one. I’ve tried it briefly as a profession, but I just don’t bullsh*t well. And while my self-esteem has grown a lot over the past few years, I certainly don’t enjoy selling myself. Since so much of me is in my book it’s just difficult for me to push it.

My theory is that if someone reads it they will want to buy another for a friend or family member. I’ve already had a few comments from people telling me how a particular meditation for that day spoke to them and how they needed to read what they did.

I told my mother that I thought I’d send one to Oprah. She said I dream big. Maybe. But why not?  I told a couple of other people the same thing. One said, go for it. The other said: Oprah may never see it, but one of her staff that does could be the person that’s supposed to.

The way I see it, I was led to write the book. What it is or what it becomes is out of my hands, but I do have to get it out there so those who need it will have the opportunity to be led to it.

So I wear all of my hats proudly. Some I like more than others. A few I won’t even mention here because many would tell me that’s too much information.

  1. Loving Annie says:

    Yes, send it to Oprah.
    And believe strongly enough in yourself and the value of your work/the book to go outside of your comfort zone and market the heck out of it for the next 365 days.